Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shooting a 22 Caliber Glock

Last week I talked about using a .22 conversion kit to allow you to shoot your AR 15 more and spend less. How about shooting your pistol more and spending less. Do you have a .22 revolver or semi-automatic pistol to practice with? How about shooting a Glock .22 caliber pistol?

Glock doesn’t make a .22 caliber pistol. You can however buy a .22 conversion kit for several models of Glock pistols and shoot .22s rather than standard rounds.  By searching on the internet you can find several companies that make conversion kits for not only Glock pistols but other brands as well. The one that I tried out was for a Glock 19 manufactured by Advantage Arms.  While not cheap, a conversion kit is a lot less expensive than buying another gun and allows you to practice more and save a lot of money on ammo. 

Advantage Arms 22 Conversion Kit

The conversion kit consisted of a replacement slide, a .22 magazine, cleaning kit and a bottle of lubricant. Just take the regular slide off of the Glock frame and replace it with the .22 conversion slide and you are ready to shoot. You use a magazine designed for .22 rounds and the converted Glock functions normally. The slide has Glock factory type sights, making it easy to switch from the 9mm configuration the .22. Now you are shooting rounds that cost about $.03 rather than rounds costing $.29 or more each. 


        22 Slide – Left Side                                         22 Slide – Right Side

The manufacturer recommends using Remington “Golden Bullets”, CCI Mini Mags, and most any other 40 grain “High Velocity” ammo. They caution not to use Federal Ammunition and Remington “Thunderbolts”. I found that CCI Mini Mags worked best for me.

Using a pistol that shoots .22 rounds is great for teaching beginners the fundamentals of shooting. It allows them to learn proper trigger control, sighting, and gun handling without the recoil associated with larger calibers. Once proper gun handling and technique is learned they can move up to a larger caliber. This makes for a much more enjoyable learning experience. For experienced shooters, the use of conversion kits allows you to shoot more, more often and not bust your budget. They also let you practice using your regular gun, regular holster and you do not have to switch out your gear.

Now there is no excuse for not getting out to the range and practicing more. Remember, an afternoon shooting is an afternoon spent “Having Fun With Guns”, and that is a good thing.

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