Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walking Targets

Check out this new reactive metal target that I just got.  When you hit it the target turns over and presents a new target. Repeated hits walk the target downrange.  It will withstand 22 cal and 9mm bullets.


In the video you can see how the target flips when it is hit and walks downrange. The target only flips when it is hit on the round spot. If it is hit on one of the struts it just shakes or moves back and forth. It is not easy to hit the round spots as you can see. We only shot 22’s at it this time but will try it out with 9mm soon.

The round part of the target is 2 ½ inches diameter. Being this small, the targets present a challenge that gets harder as the target moves farther away. By shooting targets this size you are forced to slow down, aim properly and practice good trigger control. This helps to develop your accuracy and speed. It also demonstrates that only hits count and you should not try to shoot faster than you can hit the target.

As you can see in this close up, the target is made from two steel plates cut to size, fitted together and welded to hold it together. The round parts of the plates are painted different colors to aid in aiming.

If you use two targets you can have a competition between two shooters.  You can both shoot at the same time and see who can walk the targets downrange the fastest, who can walk the target the farthest in a certain amount of time, or see who can walk the target the farthest using a specific number of shots.  I’m sure that there are a number of shooting games that these could be used for. This target definitely makes shooting fun. As you can see from the above video my friend and I were definitely “Having Fun With Guns”.

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